Resuming the Church Activities

十 Greetings of Peace

 Omiya Church is still resume its activity gradually following the guidelines given by the Saitama Diocese.

  1. Mass

・Sunday Mass will be started at 10:00 am. There will be on every Sunday and it will be in Japanese.
    Weekday mass started from November at 7:00 am everyday.

Each Sunday mass can only be attended by members of the assigned district.
Please ask the church reception to see which district you belong to and can attend.

・There is no age limit.

・We do not sing hymns to prevent the spread of infection.

・The host and wine will be prepared and set on a table near the altar servers’ seats .

・The Donation box for the Offertory will be placed at the entrance. Please put your donations before the Mass begins.

・During Holy Communion, the host must be received by the hand, not by the mouth.

  1. To enter the main chapel and after the Mass

・The main Chapel will open its doors at 9:15 a.m.

・All must wear a mask.

・Although some of the church staff will check your body temperature at the reception, we kindly ask you to check your temperature in advance at home. If your temperature is higher than usual, please do not attend Mass. If anyone in your family has a fever, we also ask you not to attend Mass.

・After the temperature check, please disinfect your hands with alcohol.

・Please fill in the Mass attendance list. Items included in the list are your name, district/area, address, phone number and body temperature. This information will be necessary in case a COVID-19 infection occurs. The list will be handled with strict privacy because of important personal data.

・Once you enter the main Chapel, please be seated at marked seats which are 1.5 meters apart. Small children can be seated with their parents.

・If the 1st floor is filled to capacity, please proceed to the 2nd floor for proper seating.

Please note that those who arrive after 10 a.m. cannot attend the Mass. Although it is quite a strict rule, please understand that in case someone who comes late omits the process and eventually causes infection, all effort will be lost.

・All doors and windows will be opened during the Mass.

・After the Mass, please go home promptly. The “Welcome” tea service will be suspended for a while.

  1. Cleaning

 After Mass, we ask the attendees whose time is allowed to help clean the main chapel and not by district assignment as previously done before . Cleaning includes alcohol disinfection of microphones, doorknobs, switches, seats, pews, etc.

  1. Other church activities

・We will continue to suspend other church activities for some more period of time.

・ This year, Art Days is scheduled to open on the Omiya Church website.

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.  

Catholic Omiya Church Committee